Dr. Joann Sweasy Elected VP/President Elect of Association of American Cancer Institutes

Dr. Joann Sweasy, Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine and Director of the University of Arizona Cancer Center, was recently elected to serve as Vice President/President-Elect of the Association of American Cancer Institutes (AACI) Board of Directors.

Dr. Coen Ottenheijm Awarded 2.3M Grant to Study Lung Disease

Coen Ottenheijm, Associate Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, was awarded a 2.3M grant from the National Institutes of Health. The grant funds will be used to study the role of titin in the pathophysiology of diaphragm weakness during mechanical ventilation. Congratulations, Dr. Ottenheijm!

Symposium Marking the Retirement of Maggie So, PhD

Friday, October 27, 2023. Medical Research Building, Room 102.

CMM Researchers Use Organoids to Develop Novel Therapies and Better Understand Diseases

Read about how CMM researchers are using organoids (tissue or small tumors grown in the lab) to understand and treat cancer and other diseases.

Jared Alvarado Awarded Lura Hanekamp Dedicated Staff Award of Excellence

Congratulations to Jared Alvarado, Funeral Director/Embalmer for the Willed Body Program, for being selected for the Lura Hanekamp Dedicated Staff Award of Excellence! Jared is integral to our mission of teaching and research through his many contributions to the Willed Body Program and outreach to the community.

Congratulations to the CMM Spring and Summer 2023 Graduates!

We wish you all the best on your next adventure!

Fighting the second pandemic: long COVID

Researchers are defining long COVID and exploring the underlying cause and consequences of the disease that is affecting millions of people.

Large study provides scientists with deeper insight into long COVID

University of Arizona Health Sciences researchers contributed to a National Institutes of Health-funded research effort that identified the most common long COVID symptoms with the aim of improving future diagnostics and treatment.

Dr. Henk Granzier Awarded Distinguished Henry and Phyllis Koffler Prize

Dr. Henk Granzier, Professor of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, was awarded the Henry and Phyllis Koffler Prize for Research/Scholarship/Creative Activity. This prize honors individuals who have made major contributions to their field, with an emphasis on originality.

Warfel Lab Discovers New Mechanisms Driving Prostate Cancer Invasion

The Warfel lab has published a paper in the Journal of Cell Biology identifying PIM1 as a critical regulator actin dynamics and hypoxia-induced cell migration that is critical for prostate cancer invasion.

Computational drug discovery could open new doors

New computational approaches to drug development could lower treatment costs and make new discoveries possible.

Health Sciences genome sequencers a leap forward for research

Devices allow Health Sciences and other college collaborators greater scale and cost-effective methods to improve care.