Curtis Thorne, PhD

Job Title(s): 
Associate Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Co-Director, Graduate Program in Molecular Medicine
Associate Professor, BIO5 Institute
(520) 626-0395
Cancer, stem cells, drug discovery
Research Interests: 

Our work utilizes the fascinating characteristics of intestinal stem cells to address fundamental questions in cell and cancer biology: How do cells identify, measure, and respond to each other and to their environment? What are the signals that control the renewal and regeneration of tissues? How do these signals go wrong in cancer? Our long-term goal is to uncover an underlying circuit theory behind these behaviors – a set of predictive principles that tell us how complex functionality arises from simpler biological components. We have a particular interest in kinase networks that regulate healthy tissue homeostasis and become damaged in cancer. Through our quantitative high-throughput imaging and drug discovery efforts, we are finding new ways to understand and repair these networks.