Cell Biology


To provide students with a foundation for understanding the cellular underpinnings of human health and disease, while advancing the field through hands-on, cutting-edge research.

Emphasis Examples of Electives

Required in addition to Core Requirements

  • CMM 595H  Problems in Biology of Complex Diseases (Spring)
  • CBIO 552 Cancer Biology Survey Course  (Fall)
  • PATH 515 Mechanisms of Human Disease (Spring)
  • MCB 572A Cell Systems (Fall)
  • Either MCB 580 (Introduction to Systems Biology) or BIOC 568 (Nucleic Acids, Metabolism, and Signaling) (Whichever was not taken as a "core" requirement)
  • CMM 605 Medical Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis (Fall)
  • IMB 521 Scientific Writing (Spring)
  • CMM 588 Principles of Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology (Fall)
  • MCB 546 Genetics and Molecular Networks (Spring)
  • CMM 695D Human Genetic Disease Colloquium (Spring)
  • CMM 522 Crash Course in Bioinformatics for Biologists