Advance the insights into the rules of engagement that determine the outcome of host-pathogen interactions to develop future therapies for infectious, autoimmune and malignant diseases

Emphasis Track

Required in addition to Core Requirements

  • IMB 548 Basic Immunological Concepts (Fall)
  • IMB 565 Principles and Molecular Mechanisms of Microbe-Host Interactions (Spring)

Recommended Electives (pick 1)*

  • CMM 605 Medical Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis (Fall)
  • ECOL 509 Evolution of Infectious Disease  (Fall)
  • BIOC 568 Nucleic Acids, Metabolism, and Signaling (Spring)
  • CMM 588 Princ. Of Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology (Fall)
  • MCB 580 Introduction to Systems Biology (Fall)
  • IMB/CMM 695L Advanced Topics:  Modulation of the Biology of Aging by Inflammation, Infection, and Immunity (Fall-odd years)

Recommended Colloquium/Journal Club

  • IMB 595A Immunobiology Journal Club (Fall and Spring)*

*Other Electives/Journal Clubs may be chosen with approval from the GPMM Directors.

Note: any course in any track can be taken as an elective in another track.