Medical Biophysics


 Apply quantitative multi-disciplinary approaches to molecular and integrative biology with a goal to understand the biophysical basis of health and disease mechanisms, identify drugable targets and contribute to Precision Medicine.

Emphasis Examples of Electives           

Required in addition to Core Requirements

  • PSIO/CMM 584 Cardiovascular Muscle Biology and Disease (Spring)
  • CMM 565A Fundamentals of Light Microscopy and Electronic Imaging (Spring)
  • BIOC 555 Methods of Physical Biochemistry (Fall)
  • BIOC 558 Biological Structure I (Spring)
  • CMM 595H  Problems in Biology of Complex Diseases (Spring)
  • CPH 576B Biostatistics of Research (Spring)
  • BIOC 565 Proteins and Enzymes (Fall)
  • BIOC567 Computational Biophysics (Spring)
  • CMM 522 Crash Course in Bioinformatics for Biologists